Frequently Asked Questions 

1.      How can I contact a service provider?
a.   You need to contact the D2D.Help team and we will directly send the service in charge at your service.

2.      How can I get the best man for the job?
a.   All the registered vendors are professional and skilled in their respective jobs so the quality of their working will be acceptable.

3.      What if I need multiple services?
a.   You can book for multiple services through respective categories and our scheduling will be done accordingly.

4.      How secure is my personal information?
a.   All the data is with the D2D team and the associated vendors. Data privacy is our prime concern and here is no compromise on that.

5.      How much will be the charges for servicing?
a.   Charges will be solely decided by the vendors and there is no involvement of the D2D team in this.

6.      Do I need to pay to the D2D team additionally?
a.   You do not need to pay any additional fee to the D2D team.

7.      How can I use the services if I do not have the mobile application?
a.   You can book a service request using our web portal or even call us at our service helpline.

8.      What if I am not satisfied with the services or products?
a.   You can always report a service person or the vendor by calling our support representative.

9.      How can I report a service or the serviceman?
a.   You can use the mobile app or even call us at our support helpline.

10.   Can I get a discount from the D2D team?
a.   You can get all the available discounts for any type of services.

11.    How can I book for a future appointment?
a.   You can use the app to book a future appointment or inform our representative about the date and timings.

12.   How quick can I expect a vendor to work on the issue faced?
a.   This depends on the availability and nature of work but you can expect the service to commence within 24 hours of booking an appointment .